The Radio Series on the Big and Little Screen
Philip Marlowe
Full Length Movie​​s
Farewell My Lovely
​T Shows
Philip Murder Is A Grave Affair___The Ugly Duckling​
Nick Carter
Full Length Movie​​​
The Adventures of Nick Carter
Mike Hammer
Full Length Movie​​s
I The Jury​___Mike Hammer, My Gun Is Quick
The Falcon
Full Length Movie​
Devil’s Cargo​____The Falcon Takes Over
The Falcon's Brother
Fibber McGee and Molly
TV Shows
The Big Dance​___Good Neighbors___The Courtship
The Shooting Gallery​
Father Knows Best
TV Shows
Father Knows best___Typical Father___Betty's Brother
The Fat Man
Full Length Movie
The Fat Man
TV Show
Thirty-Two Friends Of Gina Lardelli
The Thin Man
​Full Length 
Shadow Of The Thin Man
TV Show
The Thin Man
Dagwood and Blondie
Full Length Movies​
Blondie Takes a Vacation___Blondie On A Budget

Rogues Gallery
Full Length Movie​
Murder Mystery​
Henry Aldrich
​Full Length Movie
Henry Aldrich Haunts A House
Amos ’n’ Andy
TV Shows
Amos ’n’ Andy Shows
​(Kingfish Gets Drafted​​, Kingfish’s Secretary, The Young Girl’s Mother​, The Rare Coin)

Inner Sanctum
Full Length Movie
Inner Sanctum
Death Valley Days
TV Shows​
Little Washington____Rough & Ready
Sego Lillies
Captain Midnight
Serial Action Adventure
Captain Midnight