Detectives Page Two
SH-39-11-06 Bruce Partington Plans​
​SH-40-03-11 The Retired Colourman
SH-43-10-01 The Speckled Band
SH-45-03-26 Book Of Tobit​
SH-45-04-02 Mendicant Society​
SH-45-04-09 The Viennese Strangler​
SH-45-04-23 The Notorious Canary Trainer
SH-45-04-30 Unfortunate Tobacconist​
SH-45-05-07 The Purloined Ruby​
SH-45-05-14 In Flanders Field​
SH-45-05-21 The Paradol Chamber​
SH-45-09-03 Limping Ghost​
SH-45-09-10 Colonel Warburton's Madness​
SH-45-09-17 The Out Of Date Murder​
SH-45-09-24 Eyes Of Mr Leyton​
​SH-45-10-01 The Problem of Thor Bridge​
SH-45-10-08 The Mystery Of The Vanishing Elephant​
SH-45-10-15 Manor House Case​
SH-45-10-22 The Great Gandolfo​
SH-45-10-29 Murder By Moonlight​
SH-45-11-05 The Gunpowder Plot​
SH-45-11-12 The Speckled Band
SH-45-11-19 The Double Zero​
SH-45-11-26 Accidental Murderess​
SH-45-12-03 Murder In The Casbah
SH-45-12-10 Scandal In Bohemia​
SH-45-12-24 Night Before Xmas
SH-45-12-31 The Strange Case Of The Iron Box
SH-46-01-07 The Strange Case Of The Murderer In Wax
SH-46-01-14 Murder Beyond the Mountains​
SH-46-01-21 The Telltale Pigeon Feathers​
SH-46-01-28 Strange Case Of The Demon Barber​
SH-46-02-04 Indiscretion Of Mr Edwards​
SH-46-02-11 Guileless Gypsy
SH-46-02-18 The Camberwell Poisoning Case​
SH-46-02-25 Terrifying Cats​
​SH-46-03-04 Submarine Caves​
​SH-46-03-11 The Adventure Of The Living Doll
SH-46-03-18 The Adventure Of The Blarney Stone​
SH-46-03-25 The Girl With The Gazelle
SH-46-04-01 April Fool's Day Adventure
SH-46-04-08 The Adventure Of The Disappearing Scientists​
SH-46-04-15 Mystery Of The Headless Monk​
SH-46-04-22 The Tankerville Club Scandal
SH-46-04-29 Waltz Of Death​
SH-46-05-06 Man With The Twisted Lip
SH-46-05-13 Strange Adventure Of The Uneasy Easy Chair​
SH-46-05-20 Haunting Of Sherlock Holmes
SH-46-05-27 The Singular Affair Of The Baconian Cipher​
SL-45-12-17 The Second Generation​
"The New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes"
​Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce
Jack Webb​
Dragnet 52-06-26 The Big Roll
Dragnet 52-07-03 The Big Trio​
Dragnet 52-07-10 The Big Hate
Dragnet 52-07-31 The Big Signet​
Dragnet 52-08-07 The Big Impression​
Dragnet 52-08-14 The Big Drive​
Dragnet 52-08-21 The Big Paper​
Dragnet 52-08-28 The Big Test​
Dragnet 52-09-04 The Big Ray​
Dragnet 52-09-14 The Big Bull​
Dragnet 52-09-21 The Big Shot​
Dragnet 52-10-26 The Big Number​
Dragnet 52-11-02 The Big Light​
Dragnet 52-11-16 The Big Walk​
Dragnet 52-11-23 The Big Guilt​
Dragnet 52-11-30 The Big Shirt​
Dragnet 52-12-07 The Big Mole
Dragnet 52-12-28 The Big Mask Part 1
Dragnet 53-01-04 The Big Mask Part 2
Dragnet 53-01-11 The Big Small
Dragnet 53-01-25 The Big Lay-Out
Dragnet 53-02-01 The Big Strip
Dragnet 53-02-08 The Big Press
Dragnet 55-01-11 The Big Complex
Dragnet 55-01-18 The Big Token
Dragnet 55-01-25 The Big Bounce
Dragnet 55-02-01 The Big Bird
Dragnet 55-02-08 The Big Gap
Dragnet 55-02-15 The Big Hat
Dragnet 55-02-22 The Big Slug​
Dragnet 55-03-01 The Big Set-Up
Dragnet 55-03-08 The Big Father
Dragnet 55-03-15 The Big Set
Dragnet 55-03-29 The Big Death
Dragnet 55-04-05 The Big No Tooth
Dragnet 55-04-12 The Big Tie
Dragnet 55-04-19 The Big Deal
Dragnet 55-04-26 The Big Child
Dragnet 55-05-03 The Big Momma
Dragnet 55-05-10 The Big Revision
Dragnet 55-05-17 The Big Squealer
Dragnet 55-05-24 The Big Siege
Dragnet 55-05-31 The Big Sisters
Dragnet 55-06-07 The Big Limp
Dragnet 55-06-14 The Big Fall Guy
Dragnet 55-06-21 The Big Grab
Dragnet 55-07-12 The Big Genius
Dragnet 55-07-26 The Big Housemaid
Dragnet 55-08-02 The Big Sheet
Dragnet 55-08-09 The Big Missus
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"Nick Carter Master Detective"
​ Lon Clark
Nick 43.07.06 - Echo Of Death
Nick 43.09.27 The Glass Coffin
Nick 43.10.04 - Flying Duck Murders
Nick 43.10.18 - State's Prison Evidence
Nick 43.10.25 - Angleon Murder
Nick 43.11.03 - Body On The Slab
Nick 43.11.10 - Drug Ring Murder
Nick 43.11.17 - The Substitute Bride
Nick 43.12.25 - Nick Carter's Christmas Adventure
Nick 44.01.08 - The Double Disguise
Nick 44.01.15 - Nine Hours To Live
Nick 44.01.22 - Records Of Death
Nick 44.01.29 - Unwilling Accomplice
Nick 44.02.05 - The Corpse In The Cab
Nick 44.03.25 - Drums Of Death
Nick 44.04.01 - The Professor's Secret
Nick 44.04.08 - Murder By Magic
Nick 44.04.15 - A Cat Brings Death
Nick 44.10.08 - Numbers Murders
Nick 44.12.03 - Death Plays The Lead
Nick 44.12.24 - Murder Goes To College
Nick 44.12.31 - Murder In A Decanter
Nick 45.01.14 - Murder By Fire
Nick 45.01.21 - Death By Ricochet
Nick 45.01.28 - An Eye For An Eye
Nick 45.02.04 - Ready For Murder
Nick 45.03.04 - Poison With A Past
Nick 45.03.11 - Webs Of Murder
Nick 45.04.29 - Witch Of Donderburg Mountain
Nick 45.05.27 - Haunted Rocking Chair
Nick 45.09.30 - The Howling Horse
Nick 46.01.06 - Wandering Corpse
Nick 46.04.02 - Eight Records of Death
Nick 46.04.23 - Little Old Ladies
Nick 48.03.14 - Last Old Timer
Nick 48.03.21 - Magic Rope
Nick 48.04.08 - The Case Of The Star Of Evil
Nick 48.04.11 - Henpecked Husband
Nick 48.05.09 - Nameless Blonde
Nick 48.05.16 - Salesman Of Death
Nick 48.05.23 - Tatooed Cobra
Nick 48.05.30 - Littlest Gangster
Nick 48.06.13 - Unexpected Corpse
Nick 48.06.20 - Flowery Farewell
Nick 48.06.27 - King's Apologyl
Nick 48.08.01 - Midway Murders
Nick 48.09.26 - Candidate's Corpse
Nick 48.10.24 - The Bull And The Bear
Nick 49.09.18 - Vanishing Weapon
Nick 49.12.25 - Phantom Shoplifters
"The New Adventures Of Michael Shayne"
Jeff Chandler​
"The Adventures of Frank Race"
Tom Collins​ & Paul Dubov
tafr.49-01-08 - The Adventure Of The Pharaohs Staff
tafr.49-05-01 - The Adventure Of The Hackensack Victor
tafr.49-05-08 - The Adventure Of The Darling Debutante
tafr.49-05-22 - The Adventure Of The Seventeen Black
tafr.49-05-29 - The Adventure Of The Enoch Arden Adventure
tafr.49-06-05 - The Adventure Of The Vanishing President
tafr.49-06-12 - The Adventure Of The Baradian Letters
tafr.49-06-19 - The Adventure Of The Airborne Adventure
tafr.49-06-26 - The Adventure Of The Shanghai Incident
tafr.49-07-03 - The Adventure Of The Juvenile Passenger
tafr.49-07-10 - The Adventure Of The Reckless Daughter
tafr.49-07-17 - The Adventure Of The Adventure Silent Heart
tafr.49-07-24 - The Adventure Of The Garrulous Bartender
tafr.49-07-32 - The Adventure Of The Vanishing Favorite
tafr.49-08-07 - The Adventure Of The Embittered Secretary
tafr.49-08-14 - The Adventure Of The Talking Bullet
tafr.49-08-21 - The Adventure Of The Fat Mans Loot
tafr.49-08-28 - The Adventure Of The Generals Lady
tafr.49-09-04 - The Adventure Of The Violent Virtuoso
tafr.49-09-11 - The Adventure Of The Fourth Round Knockout
tafr.49-09-18 - The Adventure Of The Three on a Match
tafr.49-09-25 - The Adventure Of The Roughnecks Will
tafr.49-10-02 - The Adventure Of The Green Doubloon
tafr.49-10-09 - The Adventure Of The Sobbing Bodyguard
tafr.49-10-18 - The Adventure Of The Divers Loot
tafr.49-10-25 - The Adventure Of The Mormon Country
tafr.49-11-01 - The Adventure Of The Brooklyn Accent
tafr.49-11-06 - The Adventure Of The Six-Week Cure
tafr.49-11-13 - The Adventure Of The Fairway Beauty
tafr.49-11-20 - The Adventure Of The Runway Queen
tafr.49-11-27 - The Adventure Of The Lady in the Dark
tafr.49-12-04 - The Adventure Of The Silent Tongue
tafr.49-12-11 - The Adventure Of The Candy Killing
tafr.49-12-18 - The Adventure Of The Undecided Bride
tafr.49-12-25 - The Adventure Of The Gold Worshipper
tafr.50-01-01 - The Adventure Of The House Divided
tafr.50-01-15 - The Adventure Of The Count Trefanno Crest
tafr.50-01-22 - The Adventure Of The Night Crawler
tafr.50-01-29 - The Adventure Of The Kettle Drum
tafr.50-02-05 - The Adventure Of The Lovable Character
tafr.50-02-12 - The Adventure Of The Black Friars Bridge
tafr.50-02-19 - The Adventure Of The Of The Big Top
"Richard Diamond Private" Detective
Dick Powell​
"The Adventures of Sam Spade"
Howard Duff​  And Stephen Dunne