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2/26 DH
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Richard Berlin
James Campbell
Mary Ann Cass Hall
Jean Chipley Schaff
Lucy Dedionisio Slickanich
Dennis Dieter
Gene Dougan
Jerre Heyer
Janet Hovis Taylor
Vickie Lewis Mattson
Robert Maison
Anthony Mazza

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​​​​DH 1/11
We Are getting too many roses!!!! How about some good news!​

​​​​​SH 7/12
​​This is a photo of Kerry Kennedy's calling, in the location of loggerhead sea turtle tracks, a few weeks ago. Turned out to be Nest #5 with 133 eggs which will hatch in a couple of weeks. We now have 27 nests with teams still riding a Gator each dawn to, hopefully, locate more.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​6/2 Diane
Tuesday June 2nd 1959 (56 years ago) you graduated from Harbor Creek High School! Things sure have change since then..My neighbor's daughter will be graduating next week and today is her last day at school. But she has been celebrating all last week. Class skip day, ( What, is a legal day off?), well, Irene Edwards would not think so, but off to Darien Lake in NY, two days later Cedar Point in OH. Then the Cleveland Zoo, Prom at the Avalon Hotel. (Penn State gym not good enough anymore), history class trip to DC. Commencement will be held at the Warner Theater..( school gym not big enough). Not only all of that, the school bus picks her up every day at her front door. None of that walking up to East Lake Road in the winter to catch the school bus! All in all this young lady is a very lucky young lady.. Adopted when she was 18 months from China..and number two in her class! How much better can it get?! Enjoy your day and try to love one another as our time on this planet is getting shorter and shorter everyday!​

​​​​4/18 Diane
New address for Karen Seelar Wien, Niagara Village, 2380 Common Drive, Apt 205, Erie, Pa 16506

2/26/ DH
If anyone has a better picture of the school building email it to me. This one is really poor to say the least. Also if you have any pictures from the "good old days" send them too and we will put a nostalgia page up.

Rest In Peace Old Friends
You May Have Passed On But
​You Will Never Be Forgotten ​

Joseph Curtis Henderson

Phillip Erpino

​​​​​Lucille DeDionisio Slickanich

​​​​James Pettinato


​​Joseph A. Jendrasiak

Kenneth Miller

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Susan Krupp Griffin
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Sandy Morgan Eisert​​​​​
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bev Williams Lupo
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​Charles L. Nier, Jr.


​​Bonita Graham Howey 

​​​​Ronnie Shepard

Patt Arusiewicz Bozay

Nick Alfieri
Margaret Chapin Morey

Dottie Becker Chiment
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​Jan Platenius
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​​​​​​​​​​​​Diane 1/18/17  I would like too share some information about Karen Seelar Wein.  She has moved from Erie to a assisted living felicity in Pittsburgh Pa. Her dementia continues to progress and she is losing her cognitive skills. But her daughter tells me she is very happy. 

6/20  SH Please drop in to see Robert Hines who is under the weather. She's no longer driving and no longer emailing. We believe she had a stroke. 














​​​​​​​z f

​Lucille DeDionisio Slickanoch
Twenty Top Songs For 1959
Click on the Song to Play​

​1. The Battle of New Orleans, Johnny Horton
2. Mack the Knife, Bobby Darin
3. Personality, Lloyd Price
 Venus, Frankie Avalon
5. Lonely Boy, Paul Anka
6. Dream Lover, Bobby Darin
7. The Three Bells (Les trois cloches), The Browns
8. Come Softly to Me, The Fleetwoods
9. Kansas City, Wilbert Harrison
10. Mr. Blue, The Fleetwoods
11. Sleep Walk, Santo & Johnny
12. Put Your Head On My Shoulder, Paul Anka
13. Stagger Lee, Lloyd Price
14. Donna, Ritchie Valens
15. Pink Shoelaces, Dodie Stevens
16. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, The Platters
17. Charlie Brown, The Coasters
18. Quiet Village, Martin Denny
19. My Heart Is an Open Book, Carl Dobkins Jr.
20. 'Til I Kissed You, Everly Brothers
Florence Merchant Proctor
Kenneth Miller
Wanda Mills Suscheck
Linda Podstiy Bonta
Judith Rice Thmpson
Maryann Sharaff Connolly
Ronald Shepard
Nancy Smith Brown
Victoria Soder Artise
Dianne Wouthworth Harris
Janet Whitney Moske
Anthony Williams
Beverly Williams Lupo
Freda Willman Gibson
Mary Zielinski Robaskiewicz
Gail Peterman Bryson